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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I sell an item with Ghorbany?

    The first step to selling with Ghorbany is to submit up to five images and any additional information per item to us and once we determine that your item qualifies for our auction, we will contact you with more information. You can submit your entries here.

    What kind of information is needed to submit an item for sale with Ghorbany?

    We require the following information for each item:

    • Clear colour images (front, back and detail of signature or maker’s mark)
    • A detailed description including medium/material and dimensions
    • Provenance (the history of the item and how it was acquired)
    • Artist or Maker (if known)

    How many items can I submit to Ghorbany?

    You can submit a maximum of 4 items

    How long will it take for Ghorbany to respond to my submissions?

    We will respond to you within 7 days after receipt of your submission/s

    May I submit an item that I do not own?

    Property submitted to Ghorbany must be owned outright by the person submitting it.

    Are there any fees or costs for selling my item with Ghorbany?

    Before consigning your item(s), we will contact you to discuss all terms and conditions. You would also need to sign a Seller’s Agreement that outlines all terms and conditions. Ghorbany charges a 20% commission on the winning bid price on your item/s at auction. This rate includes marketing costs and insurance cover.

    Does Ghorbany authenticate items?

    We do not offer authentication services

    Does Ghorbany offer a restoration service for damaged objects?

    Ghorbany Auctions do not have a restoration service and therefore we are unable to provide estimates for damaged property or repairs.

    Do my items need to be appraised or authenticated prior to submission?

    Should you have authentication or appraisal paperwork, please feel free to submit these documents along with your request

    What categories do Ghorbany sell?

    Ghorbany sells items that fall in the following categories:

    • Handmade carpets & textiles
    • Furniture (vintage, retro & antique)
    • Silverware (vintage, retro & antique)
    • Crystal & Glassware (vintage, retro & antique)
    • Ceramics & Porcelain (vintage, retro & antique)
    • African art & ornaments
    • Oriental art & ornaments
    • Jewellery
    • Luxury handbags & accessories (eg. Shoes, belts, sunglasses, scarves, hats, etc.)
    • Wine (vintage)
    • Paintings
    • General vintage and antique items

    What are the terms and conditions of estimates provided by Ghorbany?

    Ghorbany estimates are statements of opinion only and shall not be relied upon by you or any third party as a prediction or guarantee of the actual selling price. Ghorbany makes no representations or warranties with respect to the property, its authenticity, attribution, condition, or otherwise. Furthermore, Ghorbany estimates are intended solely for the use of the owner of the property and only for the purpose of considering submitting if for Ghorbany. It may not be used by the owner for any other purpose, or by any third party for any purpose whatsoever, nor may it be published.

    How are auction estimates determined?

    All estimates are provisional and subject to revision on personal examination by us. Property submitted under this service must be owned outright by the party seeking an estimate of value.

    Can I bring my items to the Ghorbany Auctions location for an in-person review?

    We recommend submitting information and images through our submission process. Once we have determined whether your item(s) is appropriate for auction, we will be in touch. However, should you wish to make an appointment with Shervin Ghorbany you can request it on

    I represent a museum. What if I would like Ghorbany Auctions to value items in the collection?

    Please contact Shervin Ghorbany on