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    Selling Guide

    How to sell your products through Ghorbany Auctions

    1. Send 5 clear photographs of your property through our online submission form
    2. Provide additional information such as dimensions, materials, history, provenance, etc.
    3. Please allow for a 14 day response to your submission. Once we determine that your item qualifies for our auction we will contact you to discuss further details about our proposed value estimate, the auction date, our commission and other costs, our sales agreement, etc.
    4. Once you have signed the Sales agreement you should arrange to deliver the item/s to our Ghorbany Benmore showroom. We can assist with arranging this on your behalf. All costs are for your own account

    Complete the online submission form here.

    Sales Agreement

    Your sales agreement stipulates our services, outlines our commission charged on items sold and our terms and conditions.
    This will be sent to you via email

    Our commission

    We charge a percentage commission on all items we sell at our auction on your behalf.

    Estimates and Reserves

    We will agree a low and high estimate with you for each item, as well as a reserve amount, which is an amount that we both agree we will not sell your item below during auction. These amounts will be published in our catalogue and will be visible to potential buyers on our auction platforms.

    View our liability terms & conditions here.

    Join us on the auction date online to enjoy the excitement of seeing your item/s sell!