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Bidding starts 27 July & concludes 31 July 2021 from 10am

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    The Maharaja

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    Early 20th Century Indian hand carved 3-seater blackwood Jhoola style bench

    Elevated seating has long had its place in India. Contrary to the belief that seating was introduced in India only later in the medieval period, allusions to these forms can be drawn from as early as 200 BC from Buddhist relief sculptures. Astronomer Varahamihira’s text, Brihat Samhita (6th century CE) enumerates 14 species of wood for furniture-making, including sandalwood, teak, and blackwood. The ancient Shilpashastras list 64 techniques of arts and crafts and detail time for cutting and seasoning, suggesting the use of wood in India dates back to several centuries. Over the years, forms of seating diversified in manner, aesthetic, and versatility. Whether it was the twin-swing seats for idyllic recreation, elevated seats for learned men, low stools for all or thrones reserved for kings - India had developed a form of seating suitable for every occasion.