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Bidding starts 27 July & concludes 31 July 2021 from 10am

    • Lot # 27887

    Vanity Fair

    Estimate between  R 2,500.00  to  R 5,000.00
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    Antique Edwardian Mahogany saloon/parlor room sofa and two side chairs, backs have lovely inlaid decoration, padding and vertical inlaid splats. The shaped arm rests are inlaid with line detail supported by front legs with inlaid decoration. The upholstery is torn.

    The saloon/parlor history...

    The French salon, a product of The Enlightenment in the early 18th century, was a key institution in which women played a central role. Salons provided a place for women and men to congregate for intellectual discourse. In a male-dominated society, women served as the hostesses, decided the agenda of topics to be discussed, and regulated the conversation. This led to reduced marginalization of women in Paris. The emergence of salons allowed for leadership and involvement for women in intellectual areas in Paris in the early 18th century.

    Named “parlor rooms” in England, this was the room for a family to validate gentility and proper behaviour was heavily enforced among family members and guest. To keep up with the popular styles, magazines such as Godey’s Lady Book and Harper’s Bazaar published the latest trends and what was desirable and what was not. It was up to the lady of the house to meet those expectations. “To the lady of the house, the parlor was, or supposed to be the expression of her refinement and the stage on which she displayed her breading, her bibelots, her poise and her culture.”